Program Building

Two Day Total Assessment of Program

Building a comprehensive band program is a result of a systematic approach to nurturing all facets of your band’s development; musically, socially and emotionally.  While some directors focus their attention on marching band, others may focus their attention on concert bands or jazz ensembles.  Still others may focus their attention on local or national parades, indoor color guard and percussion. We also have the District/All-State Band counters and others who aspire for their own accolades hoping to land the “Big Job” somewhere in the near future.   


Our goal must be to insure that every child under our leadership has an unrestricted path to individual success in our classroom.  A concise and sustainable plan must be implemented in order for short and long-term goals to be realized.  Therefore, individual skills and musical growth are paramount to the longevity of any fine organization. This will allow for an excellent program to develop and to be maintained for years to come.  The director must establish a well-rounded course of study based on sound musical fundaments, master classes, outside of school rehearsals, classroom expectations, efficient rehearsals and performing quality literature. Additionally, students must have a basic understanding of individual excellence and be encouraged to adapt it for every facet of band activities.