Clinics & Workshops

In-Service workshops for high school and middle school band directors

This program is designed for the director who is in need of a full assessment of their total program from the beginning of the school day to the end of after school rehearsals. Discussions will be centered on the implementation of total band program and to assist in developing strategies for long-term development.   


Day 1 will consist of a series of classroom observations detailing the inner workings of the teacher in the classroom, usage of classroom method books for growth, time management, selection of literature, rehearsal techniques, score preparation, teaching strategies, use of chamber music, program administration, evaluation suggestions, and general assessment of the total program. We will discuss a broad use of private instruction, master classes and camps to strengthen the core of your program.  With the director of bands, we will develop pedagogical and management strategies necessary to further develop each whether it occurs during the semester or over the course of the year.  Strategies for continued development and methods of assessment will be implemented. 


Assessment will include: 


After school/Evening Session with Director (3 hours) 


We will review events of the entire school day and establish a plan for rehearsals the following day and beyond. We will also review and discuss other programs within your vertical alignment to develop a beginner through high school graduation course of study.  We will work to establish the National Standards of Music Education into your course of study. 


Consultation may consists of: 

  • Introduction and/or Meeting with school principal 

  • Introduction and/or meeting with Music Department/Fine Arts Colleagues 

  • Establishes 3-5 year plan of goals, missions and objectives for the organization 

  • Review of class using audio or video recordings and critique 

  • Meeting with band boosters to discuss financial goals, appropriateness of assistance, implementation of organizational By-Laws  

  • Use of Office Management Methods 

Dinner with director(s), or with staff, admin or boosters to discuss findings of the day 



Day 2 will allow for clinician to work with each band for an entire class period, implementing new strategies, exercises and developing the literature in the student’s folder.